The canons of the church give exclusive authority over the fiscal affairs of the parish to the Vestry. However, the mission of the Vestry should be viewed as broad-ranging. Vestry members are also spiritual leaders who are committed to building up the Body of Christ in our parish so that we can effectively connect with God, each other, and the needs of the world. The Vestry meets once a month, and sometimes takes a month off when there is no pressing business. Vestry meetings are open, as a rule, to members of the parish who are welcome to express their views to the Vestry if recognized by the chair of the meeting.

All minutes from vestry meetings are public documents and are available in the office.

*Meetings at St. Mary’s are the second Thursday of the month, in the St. James Room, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.*

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Members of the Vestry

Senior Warden, Peter Scarafile

Junior Warden, Caty McMahon

Co-Treasurers, Lee Hunsaker and Barry Olofsson

Clerk, Brad Goodwin


Louise Koch (Term Ends January 2018)

Peter Hutton (Term Ends January 2018)

Bill Plettner (Term Ends January 2018)

Bunny Thompson (Term Ends January 2019)

Susan Goodspeed (Term Ends January 2019)

Maureen Tempesta (Term Ends January 2019)

John Stackhouse (Term Ends January 2020)

Lisa Barr (Term Ends January 2020)