Special Events: Daffodil Tea, Rummage Sale, and Holly Fair

Eoysters2very woman who is a member of St. Mary’s is also a member of the ECW. Very often our activities include men and sometimes even rely on men. We are all inclusive! Our mission is to extend God’s Kingdom through our prayers, labors and donations to our Church, Charity and Christian Mission. The ECW is the backbone and sponsor of four major fundraising activities: the Holly Fair, the Daffodil Tea, and the Rummage Sawreathsle. The ECW uses these funds to provide for our parish families in times of need or opportunity, assist the Vestry with various capital projects, and give to our local, national and international community. Additionally the ECW holds monthly board meetings at 9am on the first Monday of the month (unless otherwise noted on the calendar).

Contact: Judy Lewis