Environmental Stewardship

IMG_2473Our mission: “As Christ’s body in the world, we are called to act as faithful stewards of the rich resources we receive from God and to engage in a ministry of environmental conservation, preservation, education, and advocacy in the parish, the local community, and the larger world.”

Environmental Stewardship efforts are an ongoing part of life at Saint Mary’s. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint in the world as a church by lowering operating expenses for light, heat, and power. Expenses for paper products will also go down as we successfully substitute using white board instead of making paper copies for meeting agendas, use paperless communication like email, or simply copy on the back of paper headed for the recycling bin. We use ceramic mugs and plastic glasses at our coffee hour, reducing our need to purchase and discard the hundreds of throw-away cups. In the gardens, we have begun the transition to organic lawn care and are confident that with careful timing of lawn treatments, we can have a healthy, attractive lawn at no additional cost, while safeguarding surrounding wetlands. In 2009, we installed rain barrels and funded a well, two further cost-saving measures. The payback period on the well is estimated at 3-4 years.

Contact: Angela Cenzalli


blessingsanimalsSt. Mary’s BEASTS (Be Engaged – Animal Stewardship Through Service) is a group that is dedicated to improving the lives of animals and educating parishioners. Mission Statement We are a group which through God’s grace and our own hard work is determined to:

  • Help Christians recognize that animals are fellow creations of God and to respect and treat them as such
  • Act concretely in our church community to better the lives of all animals and to include them in our spiritual lives and our liturgies
  • Answer, to the very best of our ability, God’s call to be good stewards in the lives of animals

By doing these things we hope to open minds and hearts to St. Basil’s prayer and, “…realize that they live not for us alone, but for themselves and for thee, and that they too love the sweetness of life…”

Contact: Amy E. Crocker